Emily Watson


Also Known As:

  • Emily York

Emily is first shown in Episode 19; Series 1, she is shown to be quite snobby and stuck up. She does not like trash talk, as she jumps to the challenge when Tyson exclaims that he is just as good as those trained in the PPB corporation. She beats Max in a small beyblade match showing the strength of the All Starz in that match. She is the only girl of the All Starz team. Emily relies solely on science to help her team beat their opponents. She uses a tennis racket for a launcher in the first season. During the third season, she loses to Max during the American eliminatories of the Beyblade Championship, and refuses his words of encouragement. She has shown affection toward Max and Kenny on occasion. She is 15 in the first season and 17 in the third. In the first season, her beyblade is Trygator with the Water Smash attack. In the third, it's upgraded to Trygator 2 with the Alligator's Bites attack. (Source: Wikipedia)