Emiru Hazaki

破先 エミル

Emiru Hazaki, a tall girl with long blonde hair in the style of two long ponytails that reach to her thighs, brown eyes and fair pale skin. Emiru had lost her parents in the Lightless Realm when she was little, and so she was adopted by her relatives. However, they only had the incentive of receiving the 'Disaster Security Type-One and Special Disaster Special Payment' (some form of life insurance). Because her guardians had no real love for her, she ended up neglected and bullied in school. Straight out of Junior High, she was forced to work and earn her own living. She is first seen in the show as a janitor in Akashi's school, watching his match. Out of the blue one day, a man offers her a position to join the Special Investigation Team Training Program. From the beginning of the program, she tries to seduce Akashi by planning her every move with him. Akashi, however, does not see her in the same light, and shuts her down every time she gives him an opportunity to bond with her. One night, she tricks him into meeting with her and tries to tell him her dark secret. That she was infected and bound to be an Admonition. However, she never manages to, and slowly sinks into despair. Her state only worsens as she finds out that she is synchronized with the psychotic killer, Heito Isaku. After hearing the Corpses song, she dies a tragic death traumatizing Heito, and the others. She mentioned to Akashi that she wants him to defeat the Corpse. First one to be affected by the Corpse song. Her remains and soul are used in the creation of the Sable's LIM system. She is the second person to become a LIM after Akashi's brother. After the Lightless Realm ends, she is slowly being restored to her normal self, with Mahmu as her partner in restoring her memories.