Enji Todoroki


Also Known As:

  • Endeavor

Age: 45 Birthday: August 8 Height: 195 cm (6'5") Affiliation: Yuuei Quirk: Hell Flame A Hero with immense flame powers who is a legend at Yuuei High School. His crime stopping record has never been surpassed, but despite that, he is considered only the second among all heroes, the first being All Might. He raised his son, Shouto Todoroki with the sole purpose of making of him a hero to surpass All Might, to the point of choosing to marry Shouto's mother only because of her Quirk, in order to have his child inherit her powers as well. He constantly pushed his son to train to become stronger ever since he was 5 years old and even sent his own wife to a mental hospital after she injured Shouto out of fear of Endeavor's influence, leading Shouto to hate him. (Source: Wikipedia)