Enjutsu Kouro

袁術 公路/美羽(みう)

Also Known As:

  • Miu

Anime Version A selfish and manipulative noble in Shin Koihime Mus� who doesn't care about the plight of her people. She conned Ensh� into giving her Ryūbi's sword in exchange for an "extremely rare robe that idiot's can't see". However she herself was conned by Shuri into returning the sword to Ryūbi in exchange for some "concoction". Visual Novel Version Ensh�'s younger cousin in the sequel, Shin Koihime Mus�. Initially fighting independently until defeated by the Wu faction. Her life is spared by Sonsaku after she surrenders. She has a lesbian relationship with her assistant Ch�kun, and she often ridicules Ensh� behind her back. (wikipedia.org)