Erica Blandelli


Also Known As:

  • Red Devil

Age: 16 Nationality: Italian A member of 'Copper Black Cross' - a magician organization based in Milan. Holding the rank of Great Knight and the title of Diavolo Rosso she is a magic swordsmen that through coincidence meets Godou and assists him while he is in Sardinia. Using her weapon Cuore de Leone an enchanted weapon summoned by her known as the king of lions. Originally wary of Godou however becomes attached to him. Her personality likes to keep herself in control of her own situation thus she can be very forceful in her affection however she truly cares for Godou. Even allowing for other women to love him on the condition that in Godous heart SHE is always No. 1. She sleeps naked and she also refers to herself as the "Red Devil."