Erika Karisawa

狩沢 絵理華

Height: 160cm Weight: Equal to 19 Super Deluxe Illustration Books (Limited Edition!) Birthday: November 3rd Blood type: B Hobbies: Everything fictional (including games, movies, etc.), anime songs, cosplaying, crafting things with silver Things she likes: Being other people's "cosplay producer" Things she dislikes: People who jump to the conclusion that bad things happen because of manga or anime without actually giving it a thought Foods she likes: Honey toast served at a certain karaoke place Foods she dislikes: Alcohol Favorite saying: "You're never really done for, as long as you've got a good story and someone to tell it to." - "The Legend of 1900" Erika is a very passionate otaku and manga reader. She and Walker are usually together. She is equally enthusiastic about manga or novel inspired torture. It is noted she is a "fujoshi" or a yaoi fan. Like Izaya, she calls Kadota "Dotachin". She is a member of the anonymous online gang Dollars. She was also a member of Kadota's gang.