Erika Shinohara

篠原 エリカ

Age: 16 Birthday: June 23 Erika lies to her friends about having a boyfriend and takes a photo of a random guy to show as proof, but it turns out he goes to her school. After some pleading, he agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend under the condition that she be his "pet dog." She eventually falls for him, despite his cruel attitude toward her and desperately tries to win his affection. She starts falling in love with Kyoya as soon as she is consoled by him after the incident with Yoshito Kimura in episode 2. Even though he later shows more crueler sides to Erika later, especially even after her confession to him. When Yuu Kusakabe asks him how he seriously thinks about Erika, he says that she is nothing but a way to kill time for him and tells him to do whatever he wants with her. At the end of a date with Yuu, she tells him that she still loves Kyoya and can't give up on him. He responds to her feelings and they become real couple.