Erina Nakiri

薙切 えりな

Also Known As:

  • God's Tongue

Age: 15-16 Cuisine Style: Regal Themed Dishes Occupation: High School Student Affiliation: Tootsuki Culinary Academy, Elite Ten Council: 10th seat Due to her background as one of the prestige family of high class Japanese food chain industry, the Tootsuki Corporation, Erina often looks down upon whoever is considered as "common" and unjust to her taste due to her family's high pedigree. Having a fearsome reputation for her "God's Tongue" to taste the food flavor accurate, Erina is able to disqualify anyone whose the dish taste "bad" and her foul critic could break the chef (and student alike) soul of tenacity. She is also one of the Elite 10 in Tootsuki Culinary Academy and uses her position to judge a student dish based on their family background and status. Born in the prestige and influential family with affluent finances and refined pedigree, Erina is one of the arrogant, prideful and pampered students in Tootsuki Culinary Academy. Typical wealthy family's princess from her high famed family background, she looks down on people (particularly Souma) or society which doesn't share her lifestyle and only socialize with group of people which have an abundance wealth and strong influences. Having a reputation known as ''God's Tongue'' for an ability to taste the food accurately and excel cooking skills, Erina is very serious upon the regal cooking style and classy ingredients, in which can't be tolerated if any failures or distaste within' the food, even the slightest could make a very big deal about it. According to the living legend, [[Doujima Gin]], her tongue was so special that she can taste 8 different salt blindfolded. Due to her reputation, she is both inspired and feared by many newcomers within the academy (except Souma), even the academy lecturers and her ''senpai'' found her narcissistic ego was so overwhelming that she is too stubborn to listens to almost anyone. Other than that, Erina is also picky on food to which she rather pick high class cuisine instead of daily dishes, and claimed that normal food doesn't match her taste. Erina is also sadistic to which she often relish on people suffering and reluctance over her offer as her amusement, while she is also narcissistic that only she is better than anyone in the academy (except Souma who found that she is actually dishonest to herself and even claimed her dish boring due to her ego.). Despite all of her narcissistic, arrogant and stubborn mannerism, Erina is also shown to be a ''tsundere'' student who denied almost everything even after all there are something good about it, particularly Souma which his food tasted so good that even her god tongue couldn't help but be impressed over his style. Likewise, despite her attempts to remain aloof and regal in her interactions with Souma, she is shown to be easily flustered by Souma's casual and laid back attitude due to her overrated ego and often ends up in comical embarrassment whenever Souma ignores her insults. Some situation said that Erina's imagination played a important yet ridiculous role which depend on her mood, any odd imagination she had would effect the student's result, usually the bad way. Erina also not a student who, because of her ego, admit her mistakes and her narcissistic behavior almost made her blinded and even phobia on mistakes (she may be enjoy a sadistic pleasure to make her rival suffers, yet she is displeased whoever "mock" her or her weakness is found by certain figures). Even there is a slightest critique about her food (Souma is in fact the only student fearlessly point her weakness) would make her throw her tantrums, and often taking a drastic measures just to cover her weakness. Despite rarely participate in any Shokugeki, Erina's cooking style is believed to be the finest and elegant of all. Using all of every stylish style from the wealthy and high pedigree status of culinary, she refereed the lavish ingredient to make the finest dish of all and suggested that only the high grade dish considered as eatable for her standards. It is also noted by Doujima himself that her cooking skills cannot be underestimated due to her quick skills along with her nickname "God's Tongue," by managing to create the dish that matched her taste before completing the dish. It is also claimed that she can cook as fast as Souma, which made her one of the proficient rivals to Souma's style even though she rarely cooks (she is prideful of her skills though).