Age: 16 Height: 178 cm Weight: 29 kg BWH: 98-60-85 The main female heroine. She calls herself Eris and claims she is an alien, (though people claim she doesn't look it) and has obvious feelings for Kio Kakazu, a native of Okinawa. She wears a powersuit which gives her unbelievable strength and is able to wield special non-lethal weapons. Coming from the planet Catia, Eris is sent to Earth as an investigative ambassador, to study Earth culture and determine if Earth is ready to join the galactic community. Arriving on the island of Okinawa, Eris soon collapses from hunger, as she was so exited about going to Earth, she forgot to bring any food with her. Told about a place where she can get food by a cat named Aria, she comes across a memorial party where she's introduced to Okanowin cuisine and Kio. Eris' personality is bubbly and carefree, with a sweet naivete that both frustrates and endears those around her. At the same time though, she' still a competent officer and has great knowledge on various subjects. After the chaos surrounding Eris' arrival calms down, she quickly becomes friends with Aoi and Manami, appointing them as the Catian Embassy's security force, though she's oblivious to their common feelings for Kio. Eris is closest to Kio Kakazu, who she first met at a memorial party for Kio's great-great grandfather. With Eris' overly friendly demeanor and Kio's penchant for helping anyone in trouble, the two bond quickly, with Eris lavishing Kio with open affection almost from the day they meet. She even goes as far as choosing Kio as her partner for her first mating season, a rarity for catians serving in space, especially considering that the vast majority of Catia's population is female. After Aoi and Manami's feelings for Kio are made known to him and Eris, She declares that all three of them can love Kio together, much to Aoi and Manami's shock. She explains that multiple "partners" are allowed on Catia (possibly due to Catia's low male population) and that since Kio's house is the provisional Catian Embassy, it's considered Catian soil, and therefore all three can legally be Kio's "partners".