Ernest Cuore


Age: 17 Blood Type: EO Height: 170 cm Weight: 59 kg Ingrid: Luhma Klein Repairer: Tune Youg He is submissive and kind to everyone, but he has a complicated side that, while being lonely, likes his solitude. With his polite, careful way of speaking, Ernest is always the mediator if something bad happens between the Candidates. His EX is telepathy, which has caused a hard time for him when associating with others. But after meeting Gar at G.O.A., he started to look at things positively. Ernest dislikes his EX and often wonders why he has it. In battle, he uses his EX to support the Ingrids so they can fight with 120% of their power, as well as being in charge of operations. Erts is his younger brother. Source: Wikipedia