Also Known As:

  • Bonnie

Bonnie is Clemont's sister and joins him in his travels in order to help him find a wife. She also holds onto the various Pokémon that Clemont uses, and is easily excited by new Pokémon. (Source: Bonnie is very caring, as seen when she looks after her brother's Pokémon. Whenever Bonnie see's a Pokémon that she wants, she asks her brother, Clemont to "hold onto" it for her until she is old enough to become a trainer. Bonnie most notable takes care of Clemont's Dedenne which can usually be seen riding in her small purse. Clemont has promised to hold onto it for Bonnie until she's old enough to have Pokémon of her own. Then Dedenne will become Bonnie's partner. Bonnie frequently embarrasses Clemont whenever she see's a woman who she deems worthy of "taking care of" her brother (which means marrying him), to which Clemont reacts by lifting Bonnie up with his Aipom Arm, and apologizing to the women. Although Bonnie is the younger sister, she feels compelled to watch over her older brother in ways like this. (Source: user)