Also Known As:

  • Tempest Hoof

Fecor is a Lord who looks like a feeble middle-aged businessman with features of stereotype devils, such as horns, pair of bat's wings and a long tail. He usually acts as a guide of Seireiden, greeting Denizens and Lords at the gate. Being polite and timid, young Denizens like Vine had thought of him as mere guide but in fact, Fecor is Bel Peol's right-hand man, who is in charge of the Seireiden's defense. Despite his looks and behaviour, he uses very powerful and deadly "defensive" Unresticted Method called Magnesia, which creates storm of heavy particles. The particles are controlled at Fecor's will, its streams inflict heavy blows upon the enemies in spite of it's true purpose as defensive maneuver. They can also be concentrated to form giant objects to crush the enemies. (Source: Wikipedia)