Also Known As:

  • Bambina
  • Princess
  • Milady
  • Fel

Age: 16 Height: 165cm Weapon: Kicks Stigmata: Chest Birthdate: June 18 Mondo's daughter. She is the holder of The Lovers arcana, which gives her the ability to read the hearts of others. Having been raised by a strict mother from a young age, she is harsh on herself and on others. However, she retains some ladylike features thanks to the influence of Luca, her attendant. She is always with her owl whom she calls "Fukurota." Luca would often call her "Princess." She actually has a contact with another Arcana card, The Wheel of Fortune. By using this she can change the relationship between the contractor and the card but the price for it is her memories. If she uses the Wheel of Fortune then all her memories will be swept away which is why Sumie told her never to use it. (Source: Official HuneX website)