Félicitation du Dracoon


Also Known As:

  • Shion

Shion is a French friend of Momoka Nishizawa as both of their families are rich and noble. Pierre is her trusted butler similiar to Paul of Momoka. After her parents died she was given the dragon book. Nobody else could read it but when she looked at it she said the words appeared in her head. She was able to hear the earth dragon's voice. She also summoned the dragon's tails to spread across the world. She later invited Momoka & Tamama to her home in France. While they were there she began transforming the rest of the Keroro Platoon in to dragon warriors. She succeeded in transforming all of them until Keroro & the Hinatas arrived to help Momoka and cannot capture Keroro and transform him. She travels with the Hinatas and Keroro to destroy the Earth Dragon's egg and there she transformed Keroro to help his friends. When the Earth Dragon is summoned and threatens to destroy the Earth she appears to sacrifice herself but she and the Platoon members are all okay and back to their original selves. She appears holding a glowing blue egg which soon hatches in to Terara the Keronian form of the Earth Dragon. Shion later attends school with Terara wearing her hat and the other Keronians and their partners occasionally visit her. (Source: Keroro.wikia)