Flare Corona


Race: Human Gender: Female Affiliation: Raven Tail Guild Mark Location: Right Breast Occupation: Mage Team: Team Raven Tail Base of Operations: Raven Tail Guild Magic: Hair Magic Manga Debut: Chapter 263 Flare Corona (フレア・コロナ Furea Korona) is a Mage of the Raven Tail Guild. Flare is always shown with an absent, peculiar expression on her face, making it look like she's not interested in what happens around her, and seems to act in a teasing, disturbing way, referring to Lucy Heartfilia as "Blondie" and teasingly repeating such nickname several times. Her sadistic nature is later displayed in the fight between the two female Mages. Flare is extremely fond of her hair, whose color she praisingly refers to as "sunset red," becoming overly upset if someone damages it while she's employing her Hair Magic, something which prompts her to reveal other traits, her sadism and unfairness. Grand Magic Games arc During "Alexei's" match-up against Laxus Dreyar in the third day's battle portion, "Alexei" reveals himself to be Ivan Dreyar while using an illusion to fool the audience. Ivan then orders Laxus to tell him Lumen Histoire's location, and Flare, with her team mates, stands by his side to help intimidate the lightning Mage. However, Laxus shows determination to defeat them all. She listens as Ivan explains the reason behind Raven Tail's creation, and when Laxus reveals to them Makarov's investigation and prior knowledge of their malicious goals, she angrily exclaims that Gajeel betrayed them. Ivan then sends Flare to fight Laxus, but she is easily defeated. After Laxus defeats Ivan, she, along with her guildmates, is hauled off by the Custody Enforcement Unit, disqualified from the Games for their cheating ways. On the evening of the third day of the Grand Magic Games, Flare secretly follows Fairy Tail's members to Ryuzetsu Land, a summer leisure spot. Once there she talks with a surprised Lucy explaining that she wasn't arrested, but only taken by the Custody Enforcement Unit for questioning. Lucy then asks her what she wants, Flare blushes and simply says that she came to apologize to her. After that she walks away while Lucy looks at her, smiling. Sun Village arc As Lucy and Wendy are later attacked by the members of Sylph Labyrinth at the Sun Village, Flare appears and jumps into battle to aid the two Fairy Tail Mages, stopping Drake's sniper bullets with her hair and revealing a new mark in place of her old Raven Tail insignia. Flare then proceeds to laugh at the treasure hunters for their pitiful attempt; when questioned as to why she's in the Sun Village like they are, Flare answers that she was stalking Lucy, though quickly dismisses that as a joke. With a sad expression on her face, Flare reminds Lucy that she had nowhere to go, so she opted to return to her home: the Sun Village. Flare then reveals that the mark on her breast is the mark of the Sun Village, and that from a young age she was raised by the giants. (Source: Fairy Tail Wikia)