Also Known As:

  • Pierce

Flint is a member of Team Rocket He was first mentioned in "Out of Control Pendra! Rescue Kibago!" as sent by Giovanni to help Jessie, James and Meowth in a mission. In "Rival Battle! Strong Opponent Pururiru!", Jessie, James and Meowth are intercepted by Officer Jenny and backup, Flint comes in, driving a truck and the trio get in. Officer Jenny and the police follow when a half-constructed road appears and the police are forced to stop. The truck still pushed on: it drove past the point where there was any road at all and was toppling down into the ground below and exploded. Luckily the group were safe with jetpacks, and Flint gives them a briefcase and flies off. He appears again in "Ishizumai! Take Back Your House!!" where he gives the trio orders to head to a research facility. He then meets up with them again where Jessie hands him the item he wanted. (from Bulbapedia)