Flora is Schierke’s mistress, who taught her in the arts of magic and Od (spirit energy, life force, etc.) In addition to being a powerful witch of indeterminate age, she is an old friend of the Skull Knight, whom she sees as "still having a human heart." This would imply that Flora knew the Skull Knight before he took on his current ghoulish form. Prior to her living in the woods outside Enoch village, she wandered the land, helping people with her magic until the Holy See's influence drove her into seclusion. Flora helped Guts' company, at the request of the Skull Knight, by putting magical seals on Guts; and Casca's brands, stopping evil spirits from being attracted to them. She also provided them with much needed magical equipment in their fight with the trolls. Flora told Schierke that Guts is the man with whom her destiny is bound, though Schierke did not believe at first. She dies willingly in a fire when Griffith sends apostles to hunt down any witches powerful enough to oppose him, but not before securing an escape route for Schierke and Guts; companions to flee the destruction of her home.