Forte Sherard

Also Known As:

  • For-chan

Forte is a sorcerer from a famous and rich family of famous and successful sorcerer and witches. He is Sun's cousin and also her partner. He uses a flute to control other people or animals. He knows about her rough past and the relative's hatred towards her and once got upset at them about that. In the anime everyone passes the Magical Exams in the end. But in the manga he and Sun pass the Magical Exams a year after Zero and Ichi. They also participate in the Advanced Magical Exams although it is unkeon wether they ever pass. He and Sun have a romantic relationship despite being cousins. At the end of the main story he and Sun admit their feelings for each other and he promises to always be by her side. Ten years after the main story Forte's grandfather arranged a marriage for him and Rokka. Sun gets upset about that and disturbs the engagement party. Forte says that their grandfather will never forgive them although he smiles saying that.