The Fox can always be found at Tatsuhime Shrine, in hopes that people might come and give offerings if their wishes, written on ema leaves, are granted. In anime, the Fox first meets Nanako during a rainy day on August 6. Nanako gives the Fox her Loveline umbrella to keep it out of the rain, and leaves. The Fox stays with the umbrella until it was blown away by the wind and destroyed. To return Nanako's kindness, on August 7, the Fox approached Yu and gave him an ema quest to help Shu Nakajima. This begins a long chain of ema quests over the following weeks, including those of Hisano Kuroda and others. At the end of the episode, the Fox gathers all of the yen that Yu helped to bring to the shrine, and during the credits presents Nanako with a new Loveline umbrella bought with the shrine yen. In the epilogue, the fox had apparently given birth to three fox cubs.