Also Known As:

  • Flan

Title: Varia Officer Age: 7-10; Late teens (TYL) Gender: Male Flame: Mist Fran is newest member of Vongola's assassination squad Varia, who appears in Future arc. He is shown to be replacement for Mammon (Viper), after Viper's death, and is shown to use one of the Hell Rings (the 666 one). He is also a student of the future Mukuro Rokudo. His box weapon is shown to be a doll of Belphagor. Fran has a calm demeanor despite being very antagonistic towards the other members of the Varia, verbally attacking them. Fran also tends to joke with other members, mostly provoking Belphegor by his talk, to the point where Bel tries to kill Fran. He also tends to give people nicknames like "Old Lightning Pervert" for Levi or "Fallen Prince Bel" for Belphegor. Fran is almost always seen wearing the large frog hat Belphegor forced him to wear.