フランス, フランシス・ボヌフォア

Also Known As:

  • Francis Bonnefoy

Nation's name: République française (French Republic) Capital: Paris Language: French Birthday: July 14th National flower: Iris Human name: Francis Bonnefoy (François Bonnefoi) Height: 175cm (5’9”) Age: 26 (appearance) A country with an infinite amount of pride who loves beautiful things. He’s gone from being strong, to falling, to rising again, only to become weak once more and has been that way ever since. England and France go way back. The two grew up together, but France was a teenager when England was still a small child, therefore, France took great joy in picking on and teasing him. The two have always argued and competed over trivial and ridiculous things, but they manage to collaborate and get along when they really have to. Italy considers France to be his big brother and addresses him as such even though they were fighting on opposite sides during WWII. Although Italy is affectionate with him, Romano can’t stand him and even hid behind Germany, who he also can’t stand, when France showed up. France is also a brotherly figure for Monaco, and was the one that raised Seychelles. He's rather dirty-minded and a little perverted, as he jumps at every chance to make a pass or say a suggestive comment to anyone of sex or gender. His hobbies are wine, singing, agriculture, fashion designing, and sketching, and he loves to tour art museums and boutiques in his spare time. He refuses to learn English because he possesses the most beautiful language in the world. France openly admitted that he’s terrified of computers and Germany, Switzerland, and Russia (plus England when he’s in a rage). His human surname “Bonnefoy” (Bonne-Foi) means “good faith” in French, while his first name “Francis” (François) means “Frenchman.” Originally, Hidekaz Himaruya considered “Jean Epine” as France’s name, but later changed it.