Franco was an expert on bombs and explosive materials who worked as a freelancer with his partner Franca. Normally a jaded, sullen, and unhappy individual, Franco came to rely on Franca as a reason to stay alive and fight for a cause. Little of Franco's background is revealed other than the fact that he had helped his uncle, a noted explosives expert, in the production of various types of bombs and chemical explosives. After his uncle's death, Franco no longer felt the need to live until he was visited a month later by a young woman named Caterina. Impressed by Caterina's resolve to change Italy for the better, Franco taught her his trade. It would be because of Caterina, later known as Franca, that Franco continued to supply explosives to activists as his uncle once did. It's later revealed that he died with Franca and Pinocchio leaving only Cristiano alive, paralyzed and resolved to extract revenge on the Agency. (Source: Wikipedia)