Also Known As:

  • Zehel

Height: 198 cm Weight: 84 kg Blood Type: A Currently Wants: Premium collection of photos of Jessica-chan Favorite: Spirytus Crown Jewel (gin) Must-have: Cigarette (Labrador's speciality) Dislikes (Animals Difficult to Deal with): Rats A perverted Bishop. He saves Teito's life when Teito falls from his hawkzile. He is the member of the 07-Ghosts known as 'Zehel'. He finds Burupya for Teito and accidentally becomes Teito's 'Master' when he attempts to remove Teito's slave collar. For all his teasing, Frau also keeps Teito's spirits up with impromptu pep-talks. Because of this, Teito sometimes make associations between Frau and his late 'Father'. Frau also has a good relationship with Hakuren, having taken him on as his 'porn disciple'. His relation with Ayanami is as of yet unknown. Frau was adopted by the church and became Bastian's disciple when he was caught in the large scale 'thief subjugation' across the empire. All of his friends died, and he didn't believe in God, but nevertheless he was so powerful with Zaiphon that it was rumored he was a child blessed with God's strength. While Frau was a wild child, constantly getting into trouble, he and Bastian ended up having a good relationship. He has a cross-shaped tattoo on the small of his back. Frau's favorite food is meat, and his most hated food is mice. His favorite color is black. (Sources: Zero-Sum Characters Profiles 2010, Wikipedia)