Frenda Seivelun


Frenda Seivelun is a member of team ITEM. She is one of the main combatants of the team, though not having any apparent esper ability of her own, she makes up for it with her incredible prowess in close-combat, as well as expertise in traps and concealed weaponry. It is revealed that she has a little sister by the name Fremea Seivelun. She and ITEM's leader Mugino Shizuri have a sort of a master-servant relationship, with Frenda usually being scolded for her fits of unprofessionalism at work. Out of combat, she seems to enjoy talking about ordinary things girls her age would talk about, she also values her legs highly, saying that it is her pride as a woman. In battle, though, her moves can be difficult to read as her humorous remarks often serve as a diversion; this in turn, combined with her cunning style of combat, can prove to be a deadly combination. She is also somewhat vicious and blood-thirsty nature, indicating that she enjoys taking away the life of someone as if she was destined to end them. In volume 15 of novel, Frenda betrayed ITEM and Mugino goes on a solitary manhunt for her. Mugino later finds and executes Frenda, cutting her in half by the waist with her Meltdowner ability. She also has a little sister Fremea Seivelun.