Friederich Tanner

Also Known As:

  • Double-Headed Crest Maker

Older of the Tanner brothers, he is a man of aristocratic Prussian descent who, while not being a Qwaser himself, holds strange powers akin to sorcery that lets him create many seals and incantations that allows him to assume other's identitis, hypnotize and force others into doing his bidding, or to summon and teleport others at will using tarot cards. Nicknamed Double-Headed Crest Maker, he is an international terrorist much feared across Europe, who believes the current state of that continent to be miserable and uses terror to destabilize the European Community, in order to lead it to collapse, striving to revive the Holy Roman Empire with Germany at its lead. He sought the Theotokos for such an end, using both Athos and the Adepts as mere pawns in a game he orchestrated from the shadows, until he appeared to end it personally, first disguising himself as a teacher at St. Mihailov, and then trying to finally unseal the sanctuary where the Theotokos was hidden, using Mafuyu and a crest-infused Hana to reunite the two halves of Sword's Maria. He almost succeeded, however he was defeated and then killed when Sasha, Ekaterina and Tasuku combined their efforts to stop him. He has Blonde hair. (wikipedia)