Also Known As:

  • Fudou of the Mountains
  • Yama no Fudou

A giant Nanto Goshasei fighter. Fud� was once a terrible outlaw known as "Fudoh the Ogre" (悪鬼�フドウ, Akki no Fud�?). Fud� attacked the Hokuto dojo and terrified the young Raoh. But a very young Yuria stood up to him, risking her life to save some puppies from Fudoh's rampage. Fudoh learned from her courage that life is the most important thing on earth. Fudoh the Ogre became Fudoh of the Mountains, one of the five Nanto Goshasei; the guardians of Yuria. Once an orphan himself, Fudoh also took care of orphaned children. After trembling in the presence of Kenshiro's Mus� Tensei, Raoh decided to eliminate the first person who ever frightened him, and challenged Fudoh to battle. Raoh ordered his own men to shoot him if he took a step back. Fudoh was able to make him do so, but Raoh's men shot Fudoh instead and killed him. "Fudoh" is Japanese for Acala.