Fugen Shinjin


Fugen is the newly appointed leader of the 12 Kongrong Moutain Juunisen (12 most powerful Kongrong Sennin) despite being the same age (72) as Taikoubou,who he considers his best friend and sworn soul brother. Taikoubou's straight fishhook is a gift from Fugen, who gave it to him due to sennin not being allowed to eat meat knowing Taikoubou fishes only to think,but not wanting the fish to suffer. While Taikoubou considers him someone who he absolutely cannot allow to die, Fugen considers him the sole reason for his life. Fugen is among the most peace loving sennin, believing in the saying that if negotiation fails three times it is impossible to end conflict peacefully, which is reflected in his fighting style. He will not retaliate, only defend himself while trying to convince the opponent to stop fighting, after the third failed attempt he will not hesitate to strike down an opponent however. Fugen's paopei, the globe-shaped Taikyokufuin is a weapon that has the power to manipulate atoms and is quite versatile due to his knowledge of physics and chemistry allowing him to use the whole periodic table as his weapon. It can also function as a radar and have pre-programmed instructions inserted should Fugen be separated from it. Fugen's pupil is Mokutaku, one of Nataku's two brothers.