Fujino Asagami


Birthday: May 20 Height: 155 cm Weight: 48 kg Blood type: B Classmate and friend to Azaka, both students of Reien Girl's Academy. A murderer in secret, her ability to feel pain was numbed since childhood to seal off her powers. Terrified of being seen as an abnormality, she hides her condition. Her murders are seemingly a way of giving her inner peace. Fujino has the special ability to bend space/objects with her mind which she uses as a murder weapon, twisting the bodies of her victims until they are no more than broken bags of meat. She later also gains clairvoyance in conjunction with her power which allows her to bend objects without having to be able to see them. In the sixth movie, Fujino appears briefly during the opening narrative, using a cane to walk with Azaka helping her down a flight of stairs.