Also Known As:

  • Fujitora

Fujitora was dispatched by Fleet Admiral Sakazuki to deal with Luffy and Law.He was first seen in a restaurant in Acacia, gambling with some of Doflamingo's men that were cheating. Luffy called the thugs bluff and helped Fujitora. After giving his thanks to Luffy, he unsheathes a sword from his cane. As the thugs are crushed and collapse into a hole in the ground, he says that being unable to see the world's filth could be considered an advantage of being blind. Everyone stands in awe after his display of power, the crew realizes that he must definitely have some Devil Fruit ability and Luffy immediately asks outright who exactly he is. Fujitora laughs and states that for both their sakes it would be unwise to reveal who he is. As he walked off, he gave the bartender a piece of paper and told him to forward all the damage claims to the address on it. He was later seen as a spectator in the Corrida Colosseum. He was apparently scouting out all the big names at the Colosseum, and said to his subordinates that they should leave. He requested 3 battleships and a large number of medical officers and said that he'll go to Green Bit first. Then, he asked his subordinate about the number of spectators, the population of the town, and of the country. When his subordinate asks why that is needed he replies that before counting the number of enemies they should count the number of people needing protection. When exacting retribution on Doflamingo's thugs that were cheating him because of his blindness, he used an unknown Devil Fruit. It has an ability to manipulate unseen force around a chosen location at his will. Firstly, he used this power to create an unseen force of such intensity that it caused the cheaters to be pressed heavily against the floor, which caved in to create a gigantic hole as a result. Later, he used immense amounts of this unseen force to accomplish other feats, such as causing a meteor to fall from the sky. He also uses this unseen force reversely to create a circular barrier around him which repels attacks. As a testament of his power, he stated the act he perform was merely testing his strength. (Source: One Piece Wikia)