Fukurou is a member of the Trinity Raven, a group part of the assassin guild Skull Order working under Gérard. Fukurou's appearance is one of the most bizarre seen so far in series, having the body of a man but the head of an owl as well as have rockets strapped to his back. He also fancies himself a warrior of justice despite the fact he working for the antagonist.

One of the Trinity Raven, Fukurou has the most abilities of the trio. His owl head allow him to see in the dark and the rocket pack allows him to move at high speed he also proficient at hand to hand combat. But his most unusual technique is the ability to eat his opponents and take their magic as his own, once he digested them they become permanently part of his power. However the strength of the power isn't always as powerful as the original welder, proven when Fukurou uses Natsu's fire breath on Gray and has no effect on him.

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