Fukusuke Hikyakuya


Fukusuke Hikyakuya is hired to be the Wagarashi family's runner for the Todoroki Shrine Race in the Land of Tea. Land of Tea Arc Aoi Rokush� and Team Oboro turned out to be the bodyguard for Fukusuke. The leader of Wagarashi family, Kyūroku Wagarashi, hired them to take care of Idate Morino for him. When it came to the race, Fukusuke was ahead thanks to Team Oboro. When it came to the next part of the race, Fukusuke tells Aoi that he'd better make sure Idate doesn't catch up. Before sending Fukusuke on his way, Aoi grabs Fukusuke and warns him that if he threatens him again, he will break him in half. Idate managed to catch up and outrun Fukusuke at the last minute. Fukusuke was beaten up by two members of Wagarashi family who state that he has dishonored the Wagarashi family and had better prepare for what's coming to him. Fukusuke begs for forgiveness. When Kyūroku and the Tea Daimyo's minister try to have Idate disqualified for assistance in getting to the checkpoint and declare Fukusuke the winner, the daimyo intervenes, stating that there is no rule against that. After the Wagarashi family was ordered to be disbanded, Fukusuke's current location and status are unknown.