Full Flat


Like Mian, Full Flat was one of Poseidal's former Temple Knights and was in love with him. Unlike Mian, Flat was unable to win Poseidal's love, but was given the independent asteroid base Theart Star due to all the help she provided him. Like Poseidal and Mian she possessed eternal youth, but as the decades passed she grew bored with her life and resentful towards Poseidal. Flat eventually seeks to take Poseidal down, first by allying with Giwaza Lowau, who was rebelling against Poseidal, and later heading down to Sveto herself to break Mian from Poseidal's grasp. It was during the second of these encounters where Flat's life came to an end when the L-Gaim Mk-II accidentally crushed her. (Source: Wikipedia)