Hiroshi Fumihiro

史浩 弘

Car: Red Toyota MR2 GT-S (SW20) (color: silver) or Mazda Roadster (NA6C) Fumihiro serves as Project D's second in command and handler, setting up and organizing battles with other teams, as well as scouting out prospective courses. In many ways he is also a sort of Executive Assistant to Ryousuke Takahashi. He had the same role during his time with the Akagi RedSuns and, presumably, has known Ryousuke for some time. It is not specifically known whether he has a history as a street racer or how he came into contact with Ryosuke and the RedSuns; his personal car, a Toyota SW20, is only seen once during a daytime meeting with Takahashi Keisuke but is never seen at any races. Fumihiro typically drives the Number 1 van during Project D's events. In the fourth stage, Keisuke nicknamed and call him "Shiko". (Source: Wikipedia)