Fumika Kodama

木霊 文花

Also Known As:

  • Fumi
  • Katie

Fumika is a kind and playful person. She's very popular and often considered cute with a certain charm. When bewitched by yokai, she usually retains her cheerful demeanor but can come off as unintentionally cruel though she seems to never recall these incidents.She's also smart, but also worries about meeting her mother's standards. She is surprisingly brave and comfortable with heights. In the anime, she plays the role of Keita's love interest. Keita is constantly struggling to impress her, but he shows no apparent progress. She is also possessed by Yokai very frequently, causing Keita to stand up and face them for her. Fumi also selected as a target for Kyuubi in the anime. In human form, Kyuubi tries to impress Fumi, but Fumi appears to have complete immunity to his charms. Soon, Kyuubi gets charmed by her instead. She may have her own Youkai Watch like Keita.