Takeichi Fuyuki

冬木 武一

Under the guise of a yearbook photographer, he takes pictures of the female students for sale for the male population of the school. His ability to seek and gather data earned him the approval of Nishimoto in the "Three Gratitudes of the Video." His nickname is a parody to Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Fuyuki is a talented drummer and is thus a member of Class 2-C's Band. Takano Akira: According to Fuyuki's trading card his weak point is Takano Akira, his rival. However, to date there has been no substantial indication in the story that Fuyuki and Akira are rivals. In fact, the two were on the same Kibasen team during the Sports Festival, and Fuyuki provided film and CG work for 2-C's play, which Akira wrote and directed.