Also Known As:

  • Giotto's Right-Hand Man

Title: First Generation Vongola Storm Guardian Gender: Male Birthday: 12 September Weapon: G's Archery Flame: Storm G. was Giotto's childhood friend. He helped Giotto form a vigilante group that became the core of the Vongola Famiglia. He physically resembles Gokudera, right down to their shared smoking habit, and has a tattoo on the right side of his face. He initially used a Gun which he carried almost as a part of himself, much like Gokudera's Dynamite, but switched to a Bow given to him by Giotto himself whenever he acted in the name of the Vongola. He has been implied to have a closer relationship to Giotto than the other Guardians, much closer than Tsuna and Gokudera are currently. Weapon and Abilities: G. Archery : G. Archery is a bow made with a bone structure, with a body embedded with an "I" and is covered in Storm Flames, the string used to launch arrows is also covered in Storm Flames. It launches Storm Flames with greater power. (Source: Reborn Wikia)