Gakuto Mukahi

向日 岳人

Hyoutei Gakuen 3rd Year Birthday: 12th September (Virgo) Height: 158cm Weight: 48kg Blood Type: B Dominant Hand: Left Play Style: Serve and Volley Shoes: K.SWISS (Preventor 2000) Racket: BRIDGESTONE (WINGBEAM M65) Special Move: Moon Sault Favourite Food: Deep Fried Chicken, Fermented Beans Hobby: Bungee-Jumping, Collecting items like feathers Family: Father, Mother, Younger Sister, Younger Brother Father's occupation: Electronics Favourite Subject: Chemistry, English, Physical Education Favourite Colour: Red Preferred type: Girls who are easy-going Commitee: exercise committee Worst school subject: politics/economics Most frequented spot in school: the roof Graduated from: Hyoutei's elementary school division Spends his allowance on: hanging out with friends Motto: 一日一跳(�学生����自分���������)- a jump a day (it was something he made up when he was in primary school) Movie: Spiderman Book: shounen manga (sports) Music: hiphop Favorite date spot: �園地(�ンジージャンプ���る���)- A place where I can bungee jump Most desired/needed item: 背中�羽����! ('Senaka ni hane ga hoshii!' - He wants wings) Daily routine: emailing friends (100 messages a day) Dislikes: ghost stories, his father Special non-tennis skill: skateboarding and streetdancing Mukahi Gakuto is Hyoutei's acrobatic player. He considers himself better than Seigaku's Kikumaru and considers him his rival. However, his greatest weakness is his stamina, which he was unable to overcome in the manga. He plays doubles with Oshitari and Hiyoshi.