Ganessa Roland


Also Known As:

  • The Angel of Confinement

Height: 164 cm Weight: 52 kg B/W/H: 83/57/83 Age: 16 Blood Type: B Nationality: United Kingdom Volt Weapons: Binding Chains Hobby: Bonsai Favorite Food: Strawberry Parfait Weakness: Point when touched, under the arm A second-year Pandora from the UK known as the Angel of Confinement (�縛�天使, Sokubaku no Tenshi). Originally the 2nd-ranked second-year Pandora, she became 1st-ranked after seizing the advantage of Kazuya's interference to defeat Satellizer. While she sees herself as Satellizer's rival, she does consider her a friend and comrade. Her Volt Weapon, Chains of Binding (�縛�鎖, Sokubaku no Rensa), are four (six in the anime) chained flails attached to her back which she can manipulate in movement and length. In the anime, two of the flails transform into circular saws, which she uses to brutally attack Satellizer.