Also Known As:

  • Toshi

Anime Enshou's other adviser. While she may seem timid and weak compared to her master, Enshou, and her friend, Bunshuu, she is fact the smartest of the three and is the only one with common sense. Despite being the smartest of the three, she isn't really that smart as her IQ is about 34 and she is easily offended if anyone calls her IQ any lower than that (in season 2, Bunshuu offers her IQ has gone up to 36). She is also very conscious about her figure, and when dressing up, always checks her belly fat (she gets really upset whenever Bunshuu reminds her of this). Visual Novel The only one out of the trio who has any sort of intelligence and common sense. She is constantly in dismay by the actions of the other two which usually result in trouble. Nonetheless, she cares for them and sticks with them through they journey through China (in the first game) or during their alliance with the Shu kingdom (in the remake Shin Koihime Musou). (Source: Wikipedia)