Birthday: May 21 Age: 15 Height: 170 cm (5'6") Blood Type: O Likes: Meddling with machines and mechanisms Dislikes: Associating with other people Food he Likes: All kinds of meat Food he Dislikes: Oatmeal (because it reminds him of the poverty he used to live in as a child) Before going to bed, he reads books about practical knowledge he's interested in, so he has a habit of falling asleep in the position he reads. Because of the environment he grew up in, he didn't have a chance to receive a formal education, but you can see many scenes where he shows a high level of intelligence. While he's only 15 years old, his knowledge in a particular field is at the same level as a specialist's. At present he secretly enjoys observing the original machinery structure and systems inside of a Circus Ship. He also thinks of investigating the sheep sooner or later. In Gareki's name, "Ga" means "flower" and "reki" means "gravel, small stones." (Source: Extra pages from chapter 18) A young boy who gets by robbing rich people's mansions. He's very intelligent and sharp. His strong point is his vast knowledge about mechanisms. Distrusts people and isn't very sociable. Despite his arrogant attitude, he's gentle and caring, but he doesn't want other people to know that side of him. Likes to carry a gun with him. Skilled shooter. He is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi in the Karneval Drama CD.