Garlic Junior


Garlic Junior is a demon that appears in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone, and was the main villain during a filler saga in the anime. His father was imprisoned by Kami in the realm of darkness, leaving Garlic Jr. with a deep feeling of resentment and desire for revenge. He collects the Dragon Balls and gains immortality. He is defeated when faced with an angry Gohan, who pushes Garlic Jr. into the Dead Zone, an alternate dimension he can freely open. Though defeated, he later reappears in the Garlic Jr. Saga in the gap between the Freeza and Trunks sagas, and battles once more against the combined efforts of Kuririn, Piccolo, and Son Gohan. He uses his power source, the Makyo-sei, to escape the Dead Zone, and uses the Black Water Mist, which causes those who breathed it in to become mindless demon slaves under his rule. He is stopped after Gohan destroys the Makyo-sei, which drains his power, leaving him trapped in the Dead Zone once again. His resemblance is of a much earlier villain in the series, Pilaf. The two sound and almost look identical to each other, both being cunning villainous dwarves voiced by Chuck Huber and Shigeru Chiba. However, whereas Pilaf is a mere comic relief character, Garlic Jr. is a much more serious and sadistic villain, a clear reflection of the change in the tone of the entire Dragon Ball series as a whole.