Also Known As:

  • Dik-Dik Van-Dik

Height: 205cm/6'7", Weight: 136kg/302.2lbs, Chojin Power: 1,000,000. A Tanzanian gazelle-type wrestler. Dik-Dik started out as being ranked #1 in the Hercules Factory Graduates, being quite skilled in battle and very handsome. He was originally assigned to protect Tokyo, Japan with Mantaro Muscle. Though being the highest graduate, Dik-Dik is known for losing pretty much all of his battles miserably against any opponent, and eventually becomes comedy relief who chooses not to always support Mantaro, who he usually sees as a lazy. His role is more prominent in the anime than the original manga, where he had more appearances along with other supporting characters who also appear more so in the anime. Though Dik-Dik has made his role somewhat of a loser after a while, he does have his spotlights throughout the series, being there for his teammates and giving support in their fights. His known trademark technique is Antler Fist, an attack where he places a glove with antlers on them onto his right fist and leaps into the air, sending a powerful fist into his opponent. His English name is a reference to the dik-dik.