Genjuurou Kazanari

風鳴 弦十郎

The leader of the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps. He is also Tsubasa's uncle and a fan of action movies. His physical strength is strong enough to deflect Tsubasa's Symphogear and her Arms Gear alone. After the attack by the girl in the Nehushtan Armor (who was soon figured out to be Chris), he becomes Hibiki's teacher in martial arts at her request. After his encounter with Chris, he vowed to save her for the errors he made in the past. When Chris's parents died eight years back, he gained custody of her because her parents trusted him, but she ran off. Genjuro and Chris made up and she willingly cooperates with Tsubasa and Hibiki under Genjuro's supervision only. He starts to get suspicious of Ryoko's activities.