George Ushiromiya

右代宮 譲治

Eva and Hideyoshi's twenty-three-year-old son. He is the oldest of Kinzo's grandchildren, and an exceptional and diligent young adult. He was brought up by Eva specifically with the family headship in mind, and is also a skilled martial artist like his mother. He worked at his father's company as an apprentice throughout college, and respects his parents greatly, though he admittedly finds his mother overbearing. George is admired by everyone in his family, especially his cousins, who view him as their older brother and peacemaker. In his youth, however, he had been jealous of their more independent and impulsive lifestyles, particularly Battler, as unlike him, his mother made him do various things in his youth in order to shape him into the next head. As a result, he put up a more condescending mask towards his cousins, but has since outgrown this inferiority complex to a certain degree. He is in love with the maid Shannon and proposes to her (or at least intends to) in every game. Believing that his romance with a servant would be frowned upon by his family, however, he is fully willing and prepared to face the consequences.