The grandfather to the Holy Roman Empire and, presumably, Prussia. His eyes are green, and his blonde hair, which he leaves long, is tied off to the left side of his head in a small braid. In the anime adaptation, his braid was removed and his eyes were changed to blue. He bears an extremely striking resemblance to Germany. Once the best friend of Grandpa Rome, the two were noted as being inseparable. Not only was he Grandpa Rome’s friend, but Germania was also his guard. After some time, they became enemies, and Germania was the one that dealt the final blow to an already weakened Grandpa Rome. It was said that shortly after he killed Grandpa Rome, Germania died as well. As far as personality goes, not much is known about him. He apparently was a very brutal and intimidating warrior who didn’t speak much. As revealed in a conversation that he had with Grandpa Rome, he would rather talk about politics than hear Grandpa Rome rant on about pretty girls. It is possible that he may represent the region of Germania, but so far, he’s only been confirmed to represent the Germanic Tribes.