One of the top-ranked members in the BO, and the person who gave the APTX 4869 poison to Shinichi. Extremely cold-blooded and one of the most menacingly-drawn of the villains. It should be noted that he is also extremely perceptive, which explains why it would be extremely difficult to catch him. Gin will generally be seen supervising group missions later on in the series and has shown to act on his own initiative throughout various occasions, being more than willing to take matters into his own hands when he believes another member has failed. Although inquisitive and cautious around those that arouse his suspicions he does not bother to remember the names or apperance of any strangers he kills, seeming to loose all interest. It has also been stated that his car is a Porsche 356A coated black and that he is left handed. Gin smokes all the time. (Source: Wikipedia)