Also Known As:

  • Madame

The owner of the famous Hotel Adriano. It is said that everyone, flying pirates, spies, smugglers, all behave only when Gina is around. She has a beautiful voice, and often performs at her restaurant for her guests. She is a childhood friend of Marco Paggot. At the wedding of her first marriage, to Belenldi, Marco was the best man. Belenldi was killed while on a mission with Marco, two days after their wedding. Gina's married twice more, all pilots, but they too were killed. During the day, she likes to read in her private garden. She has a bet with herself concerning Marco. If Marco should come visit her in the garden during the day, then they will fall in love. Marco has yet to come visit her during the day. Instead, he only visits her restaurant at nighttime. She continues to wait.