Ginger Bread


Ginger Bread is a young boy who wears a black wizard's hat and cape. He has a large red bow on his cape, a yellow cloth wrapped around his hat, and stars in his eyes. He also wields a straw broom and appears to have dark orange hair covering his ears. He is the Vice Captain of White Spell's 8th Squad and is above C++ Rank. Ginger Bread has the appearance of a magician/wizard (mostly magician, as he was referred to as the "White Spell's Magician" in the anime series). Lal Mirch asked if he was Ginger Bread, but he calmly stated that he didn't go by that name anymore. He first claimed that his attacks were derived from sorcery, but later revealed them to be based on spiders with Sun Flames. He sends dolls to attack, as the real Ginger Bread had yet to reveal himself. Later, after his fight with Lal Mirch, he had another doll pair up with Iris Hepburn and her Death Stalk Unit to incapacitate Tsuna. The doll and Iris were defeated when Tsuna used a fully powered X-Burner attack on them. However, like his match between Lal, Ginger escaped, leaving behind the same doll decoy. He appears to be alive as he was seen in several episodes helping Iris find Spanner, but wearing white attire instead of his usual black wizard outfit. His doll was presumably destroyed by Tsuna's X-Burner. Lal Mirch stated that no one really knows where Ginger Bread's real body is, as the one fighting is always just a doll.