A gifted Golem pilot from Krisna and General Baldr's son. He was formerly serving in prison for attacking his fellow cadets without reason during training but when Krisna needed more skilled mech pilots for the war, he is pardoned and assigned to Narvi's squad to help the war effort. He is skilled in using a katana with his Golem and takes the opportunity when given the chance to fight other skilled Golems whether they be comrade or foe. Due to his attitude and his past actions, General Baldr has ordered his squad-mates to execute him should Girge try to attack any of them. In the 5th movie, Girge died in combat by using his golem as a shield to protect Rygart from the enemy. In the TV anime, Girge dies after battling the Spartans. He is shot down outside of his golem by enemy troops. In the manga, after Girge and Rygart's one-on-one fight, they are captured by General Borcuse and his army. Girge sacrificed his life for Rygart by telling Borcuse he was the pilot of Delphine. Following this, Borcuse kills him.