Glemy Toto


Gender: Male Genetic Type: Newtype Era: Universal Century Birthdate: July 6, 0071 Deathdate: January 15, 0089 Age: 17 Hair: Blonde Eye: Blue Love Interest(s): Roux Louka Nationality: Side 3, Principality of Zeon Affiliation: Neo Zeon, Glemy Faction Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot, Leader of Glemy Faction Mobile Weapons: AMX-107 Bawoo, NZ-000 Queen Mansa Glemy Toto is rumored to be a descendant of the Zabi family. He is the creator of the Ple series. His humble beginnings as a pilot under Mashymere Cello are quickly over shadowed by his rise to power. Honorable, chivalrous, and all around goofy, he is a capable commander that believes in the idea of Zeon, though not necessarily its current leadership. Along the way, Glemy also falls in love with A.E.U.G. pilot Roux Louka, though this affection is one-sided as Roux cannot stand him. When the war shifts to Earth, Glemy comes to realize that Haman is becoming suspicious of him, but he thinks it only as a test of his capability as a leader. During his pursuit of the Argama and the Gundam Team in Africa, Glemy meets the African Resistance, The Blue Team, and briefly joins them, sympathizing with their feelings. While there he also meets up with a lost Roux, who rejects Glemy's help and advances. When Neo Zeon troops begin attacking the Blue Team, Glemy comes to their rescue and rallies them and other resistance movements against the recently appeared Gundam Team. Despite his excellent command, the Blue Team is all but wiped out, though one member takes a fatal blow that was meant for Glemy. Their words have a profound affect on Glemy for the rest of the series, as they refer to him as the one true leader of Zeon, because of his nature and beliefs; these words, combined with Haman's recent actions, cause Glemy to secretly defect and begin amassing his own army. Glemy begins his rise to power by cloning Elpeo Ple, resulting in his first powerful cyber newtype subordinate: Ple Two. Among recruiting other Zeon soldiers, Glemy is also able to commandeer the MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mark II and have Ple Two use it to great use in the aftermath of the Dublin Colony Drop. After Haman returns to space, Glemy finally starts his rebellion (episode 43) by attacking Haman's forces at Core 3, effectively starting a civil war among Neo Zeon. His forces put up an excellent fight, using powerful mobile suits such as the AMX-014 Doven Wolf and the colossal NZ-000 Quin Mantha, however a combination of Ple Two's hesitation and interference from the Gundam Team ultimately bring about Glemy's downfall, as Ple Two defects to Judau's side and Roux kills Glemy by blasting him in the Quin Mantha with the Zeta Gundam's beam rifle. (Source: The Gundam Wikia)